Module Based Learning for understanding Aqeedah Differences between Ashari-Maturidi Vs Slaafis

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful
 Assalaamu `alaykum waRahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu

To Understand the Actual Issue between Ashari-Maturidi Vs Slafis Following is the chronology of events and Issues.

These heading/Modules has been arranged in a way to convey the message .

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Although in Fiqh there was difference of opinion and four School of thought but in Aqeedah it was only one.

 There was no difference in Aqeedah till 200-300 Hijri.(850-950 A.C) There was no Ashari-Maturidi or Salafi School of thought.

HOW THE EVENTS STARTED of Ashari-Maturidi Vs Slafi?

These Deviated Sect were led by Muatazellah.

Influence of Muatazellah on the Muslim Rulers.There rise at the time of Mamun and Muatasim kingship

Majority of Ulema  Under Pressure from King became silent against Deviated Sects in KHALQE QURAN ISSUE ( except few  greats like Imam Ahmad and Imam Muhammad)

MODULE 2  Arrival Of Imam Ahmad Ibne Hanbal Rahimullah

Arrival of Imam Ahmad Ibne Hanbal for final debate. General Muslims were with Imam Ahmad.They raised his moral to face hardship for the cause of Islam.(Many incidents Imam Ahmad himself has narrated and written in his books please read and cry with joy.....I am also crying while writing these lines)

Imam Ahmad Ibne Hanbal Solely fighting the Whole Band of Corrupted Scholar backed by Muslim Rulers.

Imam Ahmad Ibne Hanbal victory in his en-devour.And dies. The King finally became his Follower

MODULE 3 After Imam Ahmad 

Again Muatazillah came after becoming logically stronger in their Corrupted Ideology

They gained Momentum even more than earlier.

Imam Abul Hasan Ashari was himself Muatazellah Initially.He was step son of a big muatazellah leader.

MODULE 4 Arrival of Imam Abul hasan Ashari in Ahle Sunnat Side

Allah turned the heart of Imam Ashari to Ahle Sunnat AFTER 15 YEARS BEING Mutazellah

He announced his departure from Muatazellah in Mosque before Friday Prayer.

He started direct Ideological onslaught on Muatazellah.

MODULE 5 Abul Hasan Ashari  Used two way Approach.

First Part of his Approach

Second Part of his Approach 

He established the Supermacy of Ahle Sunnat Stand over Muatazillah

Imam Abu Mansur Maturidi
After Abul Hasan Ashari Imam Maturidi did some Refinement of the work. Very minimal difference. Both accept each other.It is more a new edition rather than a new work.

MODULE 6 The only significant difference between Ashari-Maturidi Vs Slafi Aqeedah is in description of Attributes of Allah (Correct explanation of some of the Ayats and Hadith) 

Sahaba Position on Attributes of Alah

Slafus Slaehin Scholars Position on Attributes of Allah and their Advise to muslim scholars/general Muslims on this issue

Imam Malik Position and Advice

Imam Tahawi Advice

Imam Shafaee Advice

MODULE 7 Salafi accusation on Ashari Maturidi is of Taweel. (The word 'ta'weel' is from a-w-l, which means 'to return, to revert,' which implies going back to the original meaning of a word to see what its meanings and connotations are. )

What is Taweel?

Taweel was done by Imam Abul Hasan not out of fun rather out of necessity.

Imam has himself Clarified his Position in his book.

Present Day Ashari-Maturidi Scholar are not doing Taweel

MODULE 8 Who are Present day Ashari Maturidi Position on Taweel. 

What is position of Present day scholars of Ashari Maturidi on Taweel.

Present day scholars are not doing Taweel. They have declared in many Fatwa.

 They ARE only telling that when it was done by Abul Hasan Ashari  it was right as the situation was like this in 300 hijri.It was done to quell the Ideological Fitnah of Muatazellah.

There Fatawa about not doing Taweel.

Evidence 1 that present day Scholars are not doing Taweel

Evidence 2 that present day Scholars are not doing Taweel

MODULE 9 Ashari Maturidi accusation on Salafi is of Tajseem 
(attributing creation like characteristics to Allah in description like hand Eyes) .Slaf Position for these Ayats has already come earlier.

Some Criticism are there that Ibne Taimmiya Rahimullah has exceeded the limits and has entered into Tajseem. But Ibne Taimmiya himself has strongly denied it.

Majority of Salafi Scholars are not doing Tajseem.

A small minority has exceeded the limit and has written ambiguous sentences that indicate Tajseem.

Main Reason is their over Refutation of Taweel with examples led to this fault 

MODULE 10 Actually Ashari- Maturidi Vs Slafi dispute is Nothing to do with Aqeedah

Islamic Aqeedah is very clear

Classical text like Aqeedatut Tahawi is sufficient for a Muslim to be perfect in Aqeedah.

MODEL Slafus Salehin Position was not to go into this philosphical detail

No need for a Muslim to go into these Philosphical Logical debate.

These are nothing to do with basic tents of Islamic Faith.

These are not more than a Fitnah

MODULE 12 When Ashari not doing Taweel and Salafi not doing Tajseem Why there is verbal fighting.

Mainstream actual Greats of Ashari and Salfi are not doing Taweel or Tajseem Respectively

MODULE 13 First Tier Great Scholars are not Fighting. 

They have Harmonious relation (Ex.Sheikh Ibne Baaz (Salafi) & Sheikh Abul Hasan Nadvi (Ashari-Maturidi,Hanafi,Soofi) used to Co chair Rabta Islami meeting

Second tier Scholars are learned people busy with Other Islamic work. Working on Positive front OF Dawah Taleem etc.Have very little interaction with scholars of other school. Minimal or no relation with internet/ direct contact with public.

MODULE 14 Verbal Fighting is in between 3rd Tier Scholar/ Non Scholars with strong group Affliation

Third tier Scholars are on internet/ Publishing books/Making you tube videos.

They are directly connected to People of their respective groups. 

Majority of them even don’t know good Arabic to understand classical Text.

They have not gone deep to the classical text and historical Background to understand the whole issue. 

Their deficiency in Taqwa is another big issue. 

Some of them are working as paid employee of some individual Muslim/organization for the sole purpose of maligning other Scholars and group. 

Some are for easy Popularity. 

Most of them have no contribution to the any field of Islam except these issues.

MODULE 15 They are mostly busy in attacking other for secterian gain /Groupism under cover of Aqeedah.

(Don’t be amzed History repeats itself. It has happened in past in Umma. Read the history of salfussalehin like Imam Abu Haneefa, Imam Ahmad, Imam Ibne Taimmiya. 
Read the history why Abu Hayyan (An scholar of Nahu at his time ) became the foremost opposer of Ibne Taimiyya Rahimullah….....ohhhhhhhhhh). 

MODULE 16 Some Islamic TV Channels/ English Urdu speaking scholars has indirectly contributed to make it complex.

They are mostly good people.

Shaitan has filled a sense in them that they are only servicing Islam

Dont blame them They are good people Shaitan has played special trick with them

They criticise other groups for some reson/Donot  go with opinion of a particular Fiqh prevalent in the country. it cause mistrust and widen the divide.

Suppose Some one is criticizing Hanafi Fiqh and most of the Hanafi are Ashari-Maturidi so it does not take time that other make it an Aqeedah issues.

Classical example is .................................

Module 17 There is a lot of General Muslims/ Non Scholar is involved on internet /Face book/TV Channels/You tube
There is a lot of Aam Admi (General Public) Non Scholar with different level of Understanding , Temperament who has seen videos of these third tier leaders. 

They have read only the writing of these third layer scholars/slamic TV Channels/ Urdu English speaking scholars  

They don’t understand the issues. 

Rather they understand that other group is Mushrik/Baatil Aqeedah/Deviated/Twisting Hadith according to wish/Just short of Kafir/Some even declare Kafir. 

MODULE 18 Aqeedah is a emotional and Basic Isuue that why they correlate all differences to make Aqeedah Isuues.

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