Arrival of Mutazillah other deviated Aqeedah sects around 300 Hijri

All sunni muslim groups (All other than Shia) OF MUSLIM WORLD come in either of the two categories.
1.They are 
1.    Ashari-Maturidi School of Aqeedah (95% OF Scholard/Ulemas)
2.    Salafi ( 3-5 % of Ulemas 
Letus know the backgroung and situation for the developement of these school of Aqeedah.


 Strategies for dealing with deviated thought of past like Muatazila and Jehmia, Halwia and Qadria etc.
Muatazeli :This school was developed between the 8th and 10th centuries(200-300Hijri).  Mu’tazili thought relies heavily on logic,and Greek philosophy. Between 200-300 hijri this Fitna became very serious because of patronage from King Mamoon and Muatasim. By the grace of Allah it has no longer any following,among present day muslim.There is no need to know further about as muatazelli,it was a fitna and knowledge about is not a kind of knowledge that Rasulullah sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam has asked to attain and it is of no use in Akhirah.Similarly Jehmia and Qadria were also deviated.Thanks to Allah as they are not surviving anymore.

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