1.In 2-3 hundred Hijri so many deviated and wrong Aqeeda thought came to islamic intellectual circle under the influence of greek philosphy.Muatazelis were most prominent among them as they got patronage from Abbasi Khaleefa Mammon and Moatasim

To counter the wrong Aqeeda and approach of Muatazeli ,and others deviated groups, Ahle sunnat Wal Jamaat side was initially led by Imam Ahmad Ibne Hanbal(R.A) and the final assult was led by Imam Abul Hasan Ali Ashari (R.A) (Born in 260 Hijri).Imam Abul Hasan Ashari actually has put the final nail in the coffin of Muatazilla.

Muslim Ummah between 200-300 Hijri
           The danger was very acute and eminent, with the help of Muslim king Mamoon and Muatasim the follower of greek philosophy in the name of Muatazila etc had became successful in influencing good number of intellectual class/philosopher/thinker of muslim Ummah. Our Intellectual started coming under the impression that Greek philosophy is superior and they started making yardstick of it to judge the principles of Quran and Ahadith.
 Gravity of the situation of muslim Intellectual as there were influenced by greek philosphy and terrified by the Rulers (Mamoon and Muatasim)

All the Muslim intellectuals were influenced and terrified.One can assess the gravity of the situation by this historical fact. Maulana Abul Hasan Ali Nadwi describe in these words “ Famous Ulema were collected and talked and written statement and answer were taken ,Mamoon became very furious after seeing the answer,And ordered to kill two (Shaikh Baseer ibne waleed & Sheikh Ibrahim Ibnul Menhdi) of them.And ordered that all those who still have aqeeda other than Khalqe Quran should be brought infront of him.They were 30,But after this order only 4 remained stick to the correct Aqeeda. These four were Imam Ahmad Ibne Hanbal, Muhammad bin Nuh,.Sajjada and Qawariri. Because of fear second day Sajjada and 3rd day also backtracked.Now only two remained stick to the Aqeeda of Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat These glorious two were 1.Imam Ahmad Ibne Hanbal, 2.Muhammad bin Nuh. These two were sent to Mamoon with HATHKADI in there hand” (Tareekh e Dawat O AzeematVol 1 page 95). 
A practical case of muslim glory and intellectual victory
I will advice every muslim to read the whole story and the hardship faced by Imam and final victory of Imam Ahmad (R.A.).
Imam Ahmad has himself narrated the whole story. (Tareekhul Islam Az Zahbi translation page 41-49).
A sufficient detail history of Imam Ahmad Ibne Hanbal and Imam Abul Hasan Ashari has been included in the book Tareekh e dawat o azeemat (Vol.1) by sheikh Abul Hasan Ali Nadwi.(or Its translation in English is by name of “Saviors of Islamic Sprit”. Both books are freely available on internet as PDF).

You will cry with Joy by knowing the glorious moment of Islamic history. 

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